2019 Warrant Articles


The Coalition for Racial Equity in Brookline (CERB) hosted a racial equity summit in February 2019, following a string of racial incidents that demonstrated that the Town lacked the institution resources to stop or mitigate additional events.

These Warrant Articles call for a first of its kind racial equity audit, a set of best practices and appropriate corrective actions. It is our belief that by implementing a third-party audit, we will stop or mitigate on-going racist behavior by Town government.


Article 25

Submitted by: Deborah Brown, Susan Wolf Ditkoff, and Michael Sandman 

To see if the Town will appropriate a sum not to exceed $250,000 in FY2020, to be raised from free cash or other available sources, to expended by the Town of Brookline’s Office of Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Relations in order to hire a professional, independent third-party consultant who will perform a comprehensive race and equity review of, and make recommendations to, all departments within the Town of Brookline, prior to the preparation of and for inclusion in the FY2021 budget, in order to advance racial equity in Brookline, or take any other action relative thereto. 

Article 26

Submitted by: Deborah Brown, Susan Wolf Ditkoff, and Michael Sandman 

Preparation: In preparation for this review, the Town’s Chief Diversity Officer, working in conjunction with all Department Heads and the Town Administrator's office, shall identify and summarize equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives and reviews undertaken by the Town and its departments to date relative to Equity Goals, and the relative success thereof.

Scope of Work: Upon engaging the independent consultant contemplated by this Resolution, said consultant shall perform the following tasks: 

1.     Further define Equity Goals for the Town, including appropriate additional areas of focus; 

2.     Identify national and regional best practices for a municipality that is pursuing the above Equity Goals, and specifically racial equity, across all levels of its operations; 

3.     Develop metrics and indicators specific to Brookline that will help identify progress in terms of Equity Goals; 

4.     Identify available data and indicators in the Town of Brookline, in conjunction with the Town Administrator’s office and Department Heads relative to Equity Goals, 

5.     Identify additional data and indicators that would need to be collected going forward; and 

6.     Identify highest priority action steps to be taken in the next 12-36 months and the estimated budget impact of pursuing those action steps. 

3. Timeline: As stated above, an interim report shall be presented to Town Meeting no later than November 2019, with the expectation that the first set of recommendations will focus on racial equity, and be defined and considered for appropriation within FY2021 departmental budgets (to be approved at the Annual Town Meeting in May 2020). Annual reports shall be presented to Town Meeting each November thereafter, with sufficient time to include new efforts to increase equity and inclusion into the following year's budget cycle. 

4. Responsibility: As stated above, the consultant will report jointly to the Town Administrator and the Town Chief Diversity Officer, and progress will be presented regularly to the Select Board and Commission on Diversity, Inclusion, and Community Relations as the supervising bodies. An ad-hoc task force with representation from relevant staff and elected commissioners / board members would receive monthly reports and provide advice and guidance to the process. The Public Schools of Brookline and the Brookline School Committee are encouraged to communicate their system-wide equity and inclusion plans and milestones to this task force, and have representation on this task force, in order to facilitate a town-wide approach and coordinate efforts as appropriate.