BHA Properties: the reality

The daily reality of living in Brookline Housing Authority properties continues to be far different from the stated goals of the BHA. The BHA says that it “provides low-income families, seniors and people of all abilities with safe, decent, accessible and affordable places to live in a community rich with opportunities.” It also says that it “works in collaboration with government and civic organizations to support and encourage the well-being and economic self-sufficiency of BHA residents; to sustain a divers population in Brookline; and to maintain attractive residential neighborhoods.”

Many residents live in a far different reality than that described by BHA. The pictures below are what I observed while visiting BHA properties this past month (April, 2019). What I saw is unacceptable for a town like Brookline. We have a duty to improve housing for our most vulnerable, and provide them with a safe place to live.


Uncovered outlet

“If the item(s) endangers the tenant’s family health or safety, the owner will be given 24-48 hours to correct the deficiency”

See Housing Quality and Inspections


Uncollected garbage


Apparent mold in units in Egmont, St. Paul St and High Street

more information about the effects of mold

deborah brown