Raul Fernandez

Candidate for Select Board

I’m supporting Deborah because of her passion and commitment to providing Brookline’s most vulnerable with quality housing and services. She brings a wealth of practical experience and works hard for that which she believes. A vote for Deborah is a vote for Brookline’s values of equity, inclusion, and social justice.”


Joanna Baker

Candidate for re-election, Town Meeting Member Precinct 13

If I had to select just one word to characterize Deborah Brown, I would choose respect. Her desire to serve the people who reside in Brookline’s affordable housing is rooted in a deep respect for its residents. She ensure that every resident feels the institutions that deliver housing and support services is responding fully and respectfully to the community’s concerns. When elected to serve as Housing Authority Commissioner, Deborah will spend time with the other Commissioners, BHA staff and residents. She will show up for community events; leverage her many years’ experience working in government to propose creative alternatives to difficult problems; and do the follow-up work necessary to make positive change.

Abby Erdmann.jpg

Abby Erdmann

I support Deborah's candidacy because she is a fearless, deeply thoughtful advocate for social and racial justice. She devotes her life to justice and connects with voters. Her work on Renaming the Coolidge Corner School changed the direction of the thinking in this town around racial equity and empowerment.

She does the hard work, shows up everywhere and changes minds one by one. She will redirect and empower the Housing Authority to help Brookline’s most needy citizens.


Anne Greenwald

Town Meeting Candidate, Precinct 8

I whole heartedly endorse Deborah Brown for Housing Authority. Deborah has spent her life defending the rights of marginalized people and fighting for racial and environmental justice. Her legal experience in civil rights and environmental work give her the skills needed to think about the issues of those living in public housing in Brookline; be it elders, people with disabilities, or low income folks.

In the spirit of inclusivity, collaboration, and generosity, Deborah will bring fresh new ideas to help lift our public housing stock into the 21st century by incorporating the respect and dignity of its inhabitants.


Cathleen Cavell

Precinct I TMM and former Assistant Town Counsel

“Deborah will bring intelligence, passion and humor to the work of the Housing Authority. She will make a difference.”

Susan & Julian Houston 

“We have worked with Deborah on neighborhood and town issues and have been impressed by her integrity, persistence, sense of fairness, and intelligence. She is a leader of the first order - both a keen listener and fearless advocate - and we are proud to support her for the Brookline Housing Authority. “

Colin Stokes 

Pierce Parents' Equity & Inclusion Committee, Co-Founder, Coalition to Eliminate Racism in Brookline 

"Brookline needs leaders with the vision to understand that housing must be at the heart of social justice, and the experience and courage to make real change. Deborah Brown has all three. She will fight for those we too often leave out, and build a Brookline that is fairer and safer for all of us."

Scott Ananian

Deborah and I have been working on electrification of the METCO buses together, and I've known her from the CDICR and town meeting from before that.  But I wanted to make sure I'd done my research on all the candidates before actually endorsing, and her LWV debate pushed me over the top.  It is clear Deborah understands where change is needed.