Deborah Brown for Brookline

I believe

that it is my moral duty and that of our public institutions to help our most vulnerable citizens. We have to do what is best for our children and our elders.

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This uncovered outlet has been like this for a month or more.

This uncovered outlet has been like this for a month or more.

The Brookline Housing Authority says that it “provides low-income families, seniors, and people of all abilities with safe, decent, accessible, and affordable places to live in a community rich with opportunities.”  

Unfortunately, the reality is more disturbing.  Many residents live a far different environment than that described by BHA.  

What I have seen at BHA properties over the past few months is unacceptable for a town like Brookline.  We have a duty to improve BHA housing so that our most vulnerable have a safe place to live.  Learn more 


Brookline is in a unique position to better serve its low-income residents by integrating social, educational and economic goals. I will strive to bring more quality affordable housing to low-income families in our transit-rich community. Learn more

Brookline’s key interconnected issues are maintaining a superior school system and ensuring a robust economic base to eliminate future overrides; providing quality affordable housing; and advancing diversity, inclusion and equity. Learn more



Warrant Articles 2019

These 2019 Warrant Articles call for a first of its kind racial equity audit, a set of best practices and appropriate corrective actions. 

Warrant Articles 2018

Renaming the Coolidge Corner School passed at Town Meeting, May 22, 2018